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"I now have the courage inside of myself to make bold change in my life and to have what I want..."

Coaching with Audrey 

My dream for you is that you come to know the magnitude of your full potential.  That you feel confident in who you are and what you want out of your precious life.  

I work one on one with women who are READY and WILLING. 

Are you hungry for a break through? 

Are you done making excuses? 


Do you feel you are on the brink of opening to something bigger and brighter?  

I so know that feeling! I also know all the pit-falls and challenges that come along with stepping into your greatness!  

For me there is nothing more fulfilling than working with another woman who is ready to open to something so much more for herself and her life.  

If you know the time is right for you to make a soul investment I would love to chat with you to see if working together could be the right next step for you! 

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Audrey guided me to find my true self. I was lost in self doubt making communication with loved ones difficult. She challenged me to give up my limiting thoughts and to breathe in love and light. Give up the story and find your truth. Audrey gave me the tough love and tools to empower myself. I learned to trust the universe; I am exactly where I need to be.I am confident. I am love. I am light. Thank you Audrey for pushing me through my bullshit!"

                    ~Cat, Oregon 

Cat / Business owner

"Audrey's professionalism and competence shone through in all of our coaching sessions. She really listened to me! She pinpointed the problem areas that were blindsiding me and gave me extremely helpful tools for reconnecting with my emotions. Each session, she led me straight to the places where I needed to dig, and she helped me dig deeply. At the end of a session I always felt uplifted and optimistic. More importantly, those tools remained with me and continue to help me."

David / Writer