Find the confidence to move the way you want to...

Strength and Flexibility -with Kastania

Express sexy the way you want! 

Is there a way you want your body to express, moves you want to be able to do, but you’re not sure how to get your body to do them?


This 6-week series will help you translate the movements in your head to your body by building the strength, flexibility and confidence you need to try!


Each class we will dive into an anatomical or movement theme that we will refer to and use in following classes. We’ll begin with a check-in, we’ll get our heart rates up and connect to our core, we’ll challenge ourselves with strength-building sexy movements, we’ll stretch in ways that improve our flexibility, and we’ll get silly, serious, flirty and strong!


Through dance movement, choreographies, selected physical exercises and stretches, build the foundational conditioning you need to improve your movements and express sexy the way you want!

Dates and Times: