Thank you for your interest in our offerings! 


We are so glad you found us. You know, your desire to grow and your willingness to try new ways to do it, has a ripple effect.  When you open to new possibility you give others permission to do the same and that is so incredibly powerful!

Our mission is to lead women to their vibrancy by helping them unleash their power, and become the most fully expressed versions of themselves possible.

We know what women are hungry for...  

More pleasure

 More connection

 More freedom 

We offer an opportunity to explore these desires and to do it in a safe space while having a lot of fun! Our classes are for high caliber women like YOU who are ready to dive in!   


The work we do is a unique combination of: 

  • Dance technique and improvisation

  • Somatic exploration 

  • Guided meditation 

  • Authentic community building

  • Expressive-arts exploration 

  • Success coaching  

  • Spirituality and Ritu​al

  A Note About Gender Identity





























Hi there my name is Audrey (aka Madam Steele) and I am the Founder of Madam Steele's School of the Sensual Arts.  Through my own journey, what I have learned, is that change comes from within and it comes in its right time. 

Is this your time?



Inspiration is nothing without action-  Take inspired action and watch your whole world change.


I can't wait to meet you!



Our goal is to create safe space to explore the sensual feminine. Our classes are open to any and all cis and trans women as well as fem identified, gender fluid, non-binary or gender non-conforming folks who are comfortable working in a space that is focused on the feminine and female experience.    

We Welcome We welcome all races, all rel