Audrey Steele 

She/ Her 
Director/ Creator  

Audrey Steele, Aka Madam Steele,  is the founder and creator of Madam Steele's School of the Sensual Arts.  She has put her heart and soul into creating profoundly impactful experiences for women in the realm of sensuality and authentic creative expression.


Audrey is a gifted facilitator who leads with skillful intuition, vulnerability, humor, and joy!


Combining a lifetime of experience in dance and performance, with over a decade of professional training in the arena of personal growth, sexuality and life optimization, Audrey creates a unique and priceless experience for her students.    

Lakiah Raine

She/ Her  

Facilitator/ Assistant Director 

Lakiah Raine is a movement artist and choreographer with a lifetime of experience dancing and performing.  With a background in many different styles of dance; ranging from hip-hop to improvisational movement, Lakiah offers versatility and vision in her movement style. Dancing is one of her greatest passions and favorite modes of personal and creative expression. 

Over the last 3 years Lakiah has helped to assist and facilitate Madam Steele Burlesque classes.  Through her own journey of discovering burlesque she felt compelled to help other women to find the freedom she found through the art form, for themselves.  She is thrilled to be a part of the MSSSA team and looks forward to meeting you on the dance floor. 

Kastania Rasmussen

I’m interested in the deep sh*t =) I am interested in strengthening the connections we have to ourselves, so that we may connect more with others. Having been a nomad the last 10 years, I have a strong appreciation for the feeling of being ‘home’ in the body - supported. Wherever our bodies are at, whatever they look like, they are ours - our temple, our vehicle for experience. The more we can respect, honor, and work with them, the more we can cultivate a relationship, a grounding, and a sense of home within ourselves.

From this foundation, I like to guide a creative flow exploring different shapes both classical and alternative. A self-proclaimed anatomy nerd, I focus on corporeal connection through breath and detailed suggestions to draw attention ‘home’. With a balance of movement and stillness I hope to create a space in which you feel connected to your body <3