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"This class allowed me to open windows within myself and reclaim my power. The experience was like water for the soul. It forever changed my life!"




"When I started this class, I envisioned I would experience some sensual empowerment and likely some more body confidence. I had no idea that I was in store for an entire consciousness shift around my sensuality and my relationship to other women..."

Jessica 1


"In my experience as a bigger woman I have struggled with feeling sexually or sensually charged for myself. When I found Madam Steele's School of Sensual Arts I wanted to feel more confident and sexy. I was also looking for a way to honor my best friend who had passed away who loved all things burlesque. What I found was unexpected..."  

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 "As an older woman burlesque and sensual movement classes offer me an opportunity to express my creative sensual/sexual self as it is inspired by music, costumes, makeup, props and other passionate performers and audience..."

Jen, Annabelle 1


"I found MSSSA on a flyer in a bathroom. I had been in portland for a little under a year and was struggling with my ptsd from being raped. I didn’t know how to connect to myself or my sex. So when I saw the flier it felt like a message from god..."



"This class was more than a dance class -- it was a sensual healing class. It provided me with the opportunity, space, tools, and assistance to heal the wounds I wanted to tend to, and ones I didn’t recognize needed tending to..."

Lakiah, Amy


"As a survivour of sexual trauma this was the first place I felt safe to explore sensuality in a way that felt empowering..."



This class showed up for me when I was pregnant with my first child, my daughter Violet. At the time I was carrying so much more than just her in my body mind and soul..."

Lex, Theresa
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