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This class was more than a dance class -- it was a sensual healing class. It provided me with the opportunity, space, tools, and assistance to heal the wounds I wanted to tend to, and ones I didn’t recognize needed tending to.It was a deep, transformational class like I had never experienced before.



The work is grounded in sensual, burlesque-like movement to music, but explores all the emotional baggage that commonly comes along with that. It guided me towards my own brand of sexual expression and didn’t pigeon hole me into a routine that was not made for my body. This class was designed to make everyone succeed because we were each empowered to define what success looks like for us individually. 



Success for me was just getting on stage and following through with what I signed up to do. When I first started, I wanted to walk down the catwalk efficiently and blend into the background. But Audrey refused to allow that to happen. I walked away from my first class with a belief that I am worthy of being witnessed. After my second class, I believed that I could be proud and share what I was doing. And by my third class, I believed that I deserved the spotlight and knew how to own it. It is still a daily practice, but Audrey taught me how to really listen to myself and trust my body. Her class was the first structured environment in which I practiced self-love, body positivity, and was discouraged from competing against other women. 



There is a kind of magic to the work that she does, it is underneath the surface, building, and feels like it will blossom at any given moment. I was honestly terrified the whole time, but this work just seemed to fit naturally, like it was what I was always looking for and never knew I really needed.

-Amy B.

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