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I was referred by an ecstatic dance friend and photographer to your burlesque series in 2016 and wanted to fulfill a childhood fascination with burlesque from the days of the Gypsy Rose Lee movie Let us Entertain you. I was briefly in a dance group at age 13 where we opened the show with Let Us Entertain You: not a strip, rather sensual movement expressing female beauty. Very appealing to an adolescent girl!

Taking the strip series became a bucket list item for me, maybe because that 13 year old girl didn't get to dance like this after that first introduction.


As an older woman Burlesque and sensual movement classes offer me an opportunity to express my creative sensual/sexual self as it is inspired by music, costumes, makeup, props and other passionate performers and audience. This energy helps keep my vital creative juices moving. I love the blend of improv and structure that Burlesque requires of me to be creative, improvise and adapt in the moment if I need to. This is exhilarating! 

AnnaBelle M.

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