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One-on-One Sessions with Audrey 

Private sessions are somatic-based explorations that help you to become more aware of your physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic experience. As you unravel tension and habituated ways of being in your mind and body, and start to move from a place of pleasure, you create room for your truest desires to emerge.  Private sessions with me are tailored to your specific desires and needs in the moment. Each session is unique.

Desire Based 

Becuase of our cultural conditioning many women operate from a place of obligation and duty. We are rarely taught to identify and feel empowered by our desire or pleasure. Desire can be scary! It can upset the homeostasis of our lives!  But when you begin to take responsibility for your desire what's possible for your life becomes infinite. Our sessions will focus and be lead by your desire. This is harder than it might sound!  It's pretty incredible how transformative this simple approach can be.       

Bare Feet
Hand Touching Water

Somatically focus 

In our sessions we will spend a lot of time becoming acquainted with what is actually happening in our bodies through movement, guided meditation and the breath. Disconnection with our physical bodies is endemic. We spend most of our times in our heads. Developing a relationship with our bodies helps us to gain deeper intuition and trust with ourselves, others and life itself.


Pleasure Centered

Moving from a place of pleasure is extremely foreign to many of us. We move to exercise, we move to get from here to there, we move to work but we rarely move from and for pleasure itself. I believe moving in a conscious way is inherently sensual and this can be incredibly healing and revelatory. In our sessions you will discover what feels good to your body rather than  being prescribed a way to move. Your body will take the lead as you allow more pleasure to be expressed.  


This is for you if 

  • You are interested in becoming more deeply embodied and finding out what that means. You may already have a somatic practice but you would like to go deeper. 

  • You love to dance and move your body and feel excited about devoting more time to your moving body. 

  • You are in a life transition and want support finding clarity about your true desire. Maybe there is a decision you are trying to make or maybe you want to find clarity around your purpose

  • You want to invest in your personal growth but traditional paths have left you unsatisfied. There are so many amazing ways to be supported! I believe in seeking out as much guidance and support as possible. It takes a village! 

  • You'd like to explore your sensuality in new ways and develop a new understanding of it. This can be really scary and vulnerable. I approach sensual exploration with loving approval and encouragement. There is nothing I havne't seen or heard!  This is truly a judgment free space 

Yoga Practice

This is not for you if 

-You are experiencing a mental health crisis 
-You don't have other support systems setup in your life 

-You are in active addiction 

-You have very recently experienced deep trauma
-You are not willing to try on new ways of being or thinking

-You are not willing to be coachable 

-You want a quick fix 

So what does a session look like? 

It's pretty simple actually! Each session we will do some talking and some movement. This process is very organic as to allow whatever is most relevant or potent to have space to be explored.


We will often vacillate between conversation and movement. 

I will invite you to move in different ways based on what comes up for you in the space. I will guide you as you explore your moving body and invite you to focus on what your experience is.

We always start with a simple guided grounding meditation. Sometimes that will include movement. 

We will often use imagery to put context to what is being experienced. 


We will work with what comes up in the moment giving room for spontaneity. 

You are in the drivers seat. You always have complete control over what we do.


Sensation tracking. We will spend a lot of time practicing tracking what is being felt in the body and naming it.



Many people report major break throughs in just one session

A few things to note:

Just because we are focused on pleasure doesn't mean the process is always pleasurable. Learning how to use the more challenging moments as learning opportunities and using curiosity to motivate us, will help us develop a deeper more sustainable experience of pleasure in our lives.


This is not therapy. I am not a therapist and am not qualified to support you through mental heath crisis. I may deny or discontinue services if I feel it appropriate. 

There is no dance experience necessary!

All bodies, female and fem identified people are welcome! 

All Sessions outside of the Boulder/Denver area are virtual.

Cost. I work on a sliding scale based on income. I ask for a minimum of commitment of 6 sessions. 


If you are feeling called, please fill out the form below.

I will contact you very soon. 


I look forward to connecting with you! 

Are you Ready?

Please take some time to fill out the form below as honestly and completely as possible. 

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