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"Diva is the female version of a hustler..." - Bey

The Diva Package is for you if you want to double down on this experience.  You are ready to invest in yourself and you understand the value of doing so.  You know you've got this and you want to give it your all. You want to take advantage of the energy you feel inside and put it to good use to grow, get bigger and shine like the bright star you are.  


You are ready to hustle girl, and we want to help you.  This package includes everything in the Basic package and an extra 6 hours of personal support. 

Personal support sessions are tailored to meet your needs as they evolve. From coaching to costume trouble shooting, we got you.  


Audrey is a professionally trained sex, relationship and life coach. She will help you pin-point and uncover what's standing in the way of your personal freedom making way for optimal living and relating.  There is no subject too taboo she welcomes all of you into session.    


Both Audrey and Lakiah have extensive backgrounds in dance, and choreography.  In a private rehearsal session you will work with them to develop, and refine your solo leaving you feeling confident and inspired.  

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