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Sacred Sensual Sundays 

A slow dive in   

a four week virtual series


Dive into the landscape of your somatic world. Connecting to our bodies through movement has the potential to open, shift, and transform us. Not to mention to experience unbridled pleasure!


Creating space to encounter aspects of your feeling mind and body is a deeply compassionate act that offers healing and expansiveness.   


Connecting with other women offers a mirror in which we get to see ourselves in new ways. Group work can help us navigate self-regulation in relative safety.   


Presence with our bodies and their expression is a sacred act. Our movement is prayer, intention, manifestation, worship, devotion...     

What to expect:

We will spend the hour in movement meditation, exploring pleasure through gentle moving yoga asanas, followed by free movement to gentle sensual music.

There is no experience needed

All bodies welcome 



Next Class TBA


This series is virtual and will meet via ZOOM


Drop-in  $25

**Scholarship spaces open, reach out for more information    


What to bring and wear


Dress comfortably, and bring layers. Feel free to dress in a way that helps you feel empowered and sexy to your level of comfort. 


A water bottle and a journal and anything you need to be comfortable. You might want a yoga mat and knee pads.

I will send out more details to participants as the date gets closer. 

Move The Earth 2

All sales final barring emergencies

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