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Core Value #1 Curiosity

I hope this finds you enjoying your summer endeavors and feeling as sexy as ever. I feel like I am finally landing into the ebb and flow of summer but it was a rocky start to be honest! I’ve been through some pretty intense and humbling experiences over the past month and it has reminded me about the importance of curiosity.

Curiosity is one of the core values that I bring into every class I teach. Embracing our curiosity can make the difference between crisis and opportunity. This is true on the dance floor, during performance, in our sex lives, and really in all areas of our life. In the realm of curiosity there are no problems. Nothing is “wrong.” When we take on a curious attitude we open to the infinite.

In movement practice it can be used to expand our bodies vocabulary: “What happens when I move my arms like this?” “What are all the ways my hips move?” “How does it feel if I connect more with my heart here?” These are the kinds of inquires that can take us from a stuck place in our movement to a place of infinite possibilities.

In performance it can take us from creating something safe to creating something extraordinary. For me the process of creating a dance often involves a lot of, “What if I did this?” “Is there a way to…” Getting curious about what is possible fuels creativity.

In life I think it is especially helpful in conflict. Rather than getting stuck in the problem, getting curious about the reality of the situation and the possible solutions to it. “What is really happening here?” “What are the possible solutions?” “What am I really feeling?” “What are my true needs?” This can really help bring me from a state of hopeless, and helplessness, into a more positive and constructive place.

It is especially important in sex! In fact, I would say we should always approach sex with curiosity. When I say sex, I mean all aspects of it; solo sex, sexual expression, coupled sex, just our sexuality in general. If we bring a sense of lighthearted curiosity into our sex life we can really open it up. Instead of having an agenda or an idea that it should look or be some certain way, we are exploring what it is and what it could be.

I invite you to bring more curiosity into your life. Ask lots of questions. Get curious! Investigate! Feel free to write to me with your experiences, I would love to hear them.

Sending you all love and light,


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