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The Seven Day, Sensual Movement Challenge...

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Are you ready for a radical practice of self-love?!

Allowing ourselves to be seen is an expression of bravery, generosity and self -love. Join me in a seven day practice of self-love through sensual movement.

(Skip to the bottom for quick instructions... but also read this ;)-

Nurturing our sensuality is a liberating path towards reclaiming our birth-rite to feel empowered, and fully expressed in our physical bodies. When we connect to our sensual nature we open to the possibility of increased pleasure in all areas of our lives. I believe we all have a desire to be seen, by both ourselves and others. I practice and teach embodied sensual movement as a pathway to building the confidence needed to discover our unique sensual expression so that it may spill over into our lives.

In order to develop our authentic, sensual expression through movement we must practice. We have to be willing to face our self-judgment, move through it and claim our space. As the old saying goes, "the only way out is through." In order to find this freedom and find out what’s on the other side, we must be willing to feel the discomfort of the unknown.

To that end, we are inviting you to join us for this virtual, week-long, sensual movement challenge. Together, we will challenge ourselves to commit to a daily sensual movement practice, and to be seen by ourselves, and others. If you are ready to take a deep dive into radical self-love and acceptance join the challenge! Find out what’s on the other side for you!

Suggestions for your daily practice...

Read through this first so you have a general idea of how you might move through this practice. Keep what you like, and adjust it to what feels good for you.

Remember there is no right way here. This is about what feels good rather than what looks good.

Take these prompts with a grain of salt. Let your body lead rather than your mind. Don’t think too hard! I recommend using these prompts to warm yourself up and to do your recording after.

1) Create a sacred space, what ever that means to you. Give you self a time container, I would suggests at least 15 mins. where you can simply be with yourself and your body with no distractions. Set a timer so there is a clear beginning and end.

2) Start in silence. Drop into your breath. Allow your breath to get deeper and deeper. Follow with your awareness as it fills your lungs, chest, belly, cells, muscles, and bones. Allow the rhythm of your breath to open any stuck places in your body. Allow your body to begin to move to the rhythm of your breath. Take your time!!

3) Connect your breath to your pussy. Feel your breath moving down into your pelvic bowl and feel the life force of your pleasure, desire and creativity begin to stir. Allow this sensation to fill and move your whole body.

4) Make some sound. If you feel comfortable enough challenge yourself to make sound. Allow it to come from your open throat. Soften your neck and jaw and let out sound that is connected to your breath and your pussy. It may feel silly but there is a direct connect between our sex organs and vocal anatomy.

5) Let yourself move to the rhythm of your breath until you feel like you have completely dropped into your body. Give yourself full permission to allow your sexual energy out. Bringing your hands to your body can help you to feel supported and to connect more with your sensuality. You can also try some deep squats or lunges to activate your groin area and open your hips and sex.

6) Follow your pleasure. Notice what feels good and go deeper into it. Remember, THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY. Allow your body to lead and let your mind take the back seat!

7) Allow your movement to end in stillness. Pause and feel what is new. What feels different?

8) Record yourself moving for 30 seconds. Set a timer. Do one take. No editing. You may move in silence or to music that inspires you.

9) Watch your video. Watch with compassionate eyes.

10) Post it! In your post write one thing you loved about your movement and don’t forget to tag @madamsteeleburlesque and include #madamsteeleburlesque.

No disclaimers, no excuses, no self-deprecation! This is about acceptance and learning how to see what we love rather that criticizing ourselves. We do enough of that already!

Call on the support of others

You can use the following statement at the beginning of your post to elicit the support of your followers…

“Hello! I am doing the “Seven Days of Sensual Movement Challenge with @madamsteeleburlesque as a practice in radical self-love and acceptance. Kind words of love and encouragement are wanted and welcome.”

You can also choose to turn commenting off

*Note: There is no requirement for attire. Wear what you feel comfortable in. This is about what feels good not what you look like. That said, feel free to dress in whatever way you feel most comfortable or inspired.

Quick overview...

  • The instagram challenge will begin Sunday, December 1st 2019, and run for seven days

  • The Challenge: Post one, 30 second video (one take, no edits!) of your sensual movement each of the seven days, to your instagram feed.

  • Include one thing you loved about your movement and tag @madamsteeleburlesque and include #madamsteeleburlesque

  • With your consent, we will be choosing one of your videos to post everyday on our feed!

  • Look for daily support from Madam Steele and the other participants @madamsteeeleburlesque and at #madamsteeleburlesque and absolutely offer your support to the other participants as well!

That's it! I can't wait to see you all. Stay in touch, reach out, share about your process! I'd love to hear from you.

With Love, Support and Encouragement,

XO Madam Steele -go get em tigresses

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