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It was an experience that helped womxn feel beautiful no matter how they danced, what they looked like, or how they felt inside. 


After being in class for a while and witnessing the other womxn, I realized that it was possible for me to have the same confidence I saw in them. I was given a chance to be witnessed and loved in my vulnerability and learned that many of us were struggling with the same inner demons. This ignited so much love and appreciation in me for my classmates. I loved witnessing them experience the same freedom I got to.       



The person I was before this experience was scared to let people see her, she was ok with blending in and being the wallflower. I never want to go back to being that person. This class has helped me flower into the woman I am now: strong, confident, beautiful, and perfect, just the way I am.   



Madam Steele helped me through so much of my personal journey, but yet, she didn’t do anything other than help me find what I already had within myself. Sometimes it just takes others seeing you before you can truly see yourself. 


I would 100% recommend this class. It could be the very thing your soul is missing that you didn’t even know it was. I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you Madam Steele! Looking forward to many more years on this amazing journey. 

Jen C.

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