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Welcome Your Highness...

If you are considering the Queen Package you know what it means to invest in yourself and you make no apologies for doing so.  The Queen is for the woman who knows what she wants and knows she has the power to have it.  She also understands her limitations and can recognize when seeking council is beneficial.  


The Queen package offers intensive and concentrated attention. In addition to the Basic class package the Queen receives 6 private session hours as well as unlimited support via email and text.  Whether it be coaching, or rehearsal time your private sessions will be tailored to your needs in that moment.  You will be completely supported through your Sensual Strip Journey.  


Audrey is a professionally trained sex, relationship and life coach. She will help you pin-point and uncover what's standing in the way of your personal freedom making way for optimal living and relating.  There is no subject too taboo she welcomes all of you into session.    


Both Audrey and Lakiah have extensive backgrounds in dance, and choreography.  In a private rehearsal session you will work with them to develop, and refine your solo leaving you feeling confident and inspired.  

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